How we work?

We are a small branding agency. We practice modern visual communication based on a synthetic form of the principle "less is more". Our work is the result of analysis of the problem and customers, we help our customers determine the direction and way of understanding our own identity, the visual and substantive. We design every detail of branding, of icons and symbols, to full graphical keys, applications and websites. We are specialists in the field of printing and materials. We believe that the visual and tactile elements are binding on the recipient organization. We try to optimally combine space, typography and graphics. We combine traditional techniques and materials with modern design elements, making full use of the possibilities of electronic media and forms of communication.

We implement the vision of the brand and its identity based on our experience and intuition. We rely on our experience in designing print publications, at the same time we are aware of the possibility of interaction with the user in the open and unusual. We use solutions responsive, noting the increasingly popular mobile media. We specialize in the design and branding of a comprehensive system of visual identity of the brand. We offer much more than a logo, colors and typography.